Psychology as a Minor Subject

The Separate Basic Studies in Psychology are available as minor subject studies to all students of the University of Eastern Finland.

Separate Basic Studies in Psychology, 25 ECTS

By the completion of the basic study module, students will have acquired the basic knowledge in the different fields of psychology: developmental psychology, personality psychology, neuropsychology, clinical and health psychology, and psychological research methods.

Separate Intermediate Studies in Psychology, 35 ECTS

By the end of the module, students will have acquired extensive knowledge of the different fields of psychology and their applications. Students will be able to follow developments in the field of psychology and understand the scientific reasoning in the field.

How to Apply for the Separate Intermediate Study Module

35 students are admitted annually to the Separate Intermediate Studies in Psychology. If there are more than 35 applicants, admissions will be based on an entrance exam.

Further information about the annual admissions can be found in the Philosophical Faculty’s Minor Subject Application Guide (Finnish).