At the University of Eastern Finland, Psychology is an independent field of study which provides students with the skills necessary for professional work in the field of psychology and with the qualifications for postgraduate psychology studies. Studies in Psychology lead to Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, and postgraduate studies to Licentiate and Doctoral degrees. Graduates with the MA (Psychology) degree can apply for the title of licensed psychologist and work as licensed professionals. The Psychology department in the University of Eastern Finland also offers a new study programme in clinical health psychology.


Our research’s strength is the examination of psychological phenomena in real-life social contexts. The teaching concentrates on topics which correspond to our three established research areas:

  • Life course, education and upbringing
  • Psychological interventions, psychotherapy and clinical psychology
  • Welfare in working and student life

Studying Psychology

The studies in Psychology include basic, intermediate and advanced study modules and minor subject, general and language studies. Basic studies in Psychology are offered in cooperation with the Psykonet network. The basic studies are also available as minor subject studies to all students of the University of Eastern Finland. In addition, we offer a basic study module in forensic psychology.

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