Research in Career Counselling

Themes of Research

1. The Assessment of Counselling Processes and Their Effects

The areas of interests in this theme include, in particular, group guidance, the effects of counselling, and dialogue counselling. Previous research has contributed to the work of the Enhancing Agency project and the Group Guidance in the Midst of Change and Uncertainty: Navigating Towards Calmer Waters project.

2. The Diversity of Individuals’ and Communities’ Life, Education and Career Paths

The diversity of different study and career paths has been examined in the multidisciplinary Educational Transitions: Class, Gender, and Family in the Transitional Space project in which the study and career paths of Northern Karelian youth are studied from the youth’s and their families’ perspective.

In the research project about the educational and professional careers of guidance counsellors, and their well-being, we work in close collaboration with the Guidance and Counselling Education Unit of the University of Jyväskylä and the Finnish Guidance Counsellors Association. The aim of the research is to analyse the career paths of guidance counsellors and to study any questions relating to counselling and the well-being of counsellors.

3. Research and Evaluation of Guidance Services

Knowledge and evaluation of guidance services are the foundations of career counselling education and these areas have been studied in several already finished research and development projects. Especially the guidance and guidance services for adults have been the targets of considerable research, for instance in the AIKO 2002-2003 and AIVO 2009-2010 projects.