Degree Programme in Career Counselling

The Degree Programme in Career Counselling leads to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts (Education) (180 ECTS) and Master of Arts (Education) (120 ECTS) which together provide the students with the qualification to work as student and career counsellors on different levels of the education system.

This degree programme provides students with a diverse skill set for working in expert positions in student and career counselling in different education institutions and changing career counselling environments, for instance in various projects in the field and in employment services, the private sector, and organisations. The employment situation in the field of career counselling has so far been good. The degree also enables students to pursue doctoral postgraduate studies and work as a researcher.

The core themes of the education in Career Counselling include

  • Career counselling environments: Societal and multicultural expertise and competence in promoting social justice and equality.
  • Agency related to the formation of life paths, development and careers, in different kinds of transitions and as part of a changing and diversifying society that is becoming increasingly multicultural.
  • Career counselling as an ethical activity: ethical know-how constructed on basic values.
  • Career counselling as professional practice: interaction and cooperation know-how, career counselling methods, multi-vocational cooperation and network methods.

In addition, these themes are combined with the following areas of interest:

  • Knowledge of educational sciences (education, adult education, educational psychology, sociology of education, philosophy of education), psychology and sociology.
  • Scientific research and research practices, research-based development of professional practices.
  • Teaching work, pedagogics and didactics.

The programme also includes training periods designed to familiarise students with different career counselling environments and to develop their practical work skills.

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