Master’s Degree Programme in Career Counselling

The Master’s degree programme in Career Counselling lead to a Master of Arts (Education) degree (120 ECTS). This degree qualifies students to work as a student and guidance counsellor and a teacher. The programme provides students with a diverse skill set for working in expert positions in student and career counselling in different education institutions and changing career counselling environments, for instance in various projects in the field and in employment services, the private sector, and organisations. Students who have completed the Master’s degree may proceed to postgraduate studies.

Individuals who have a Bachelor’s degree and who have completed at least one of the following requirements can apply for this degree programme:

  1. 1. Intermediate studies in educational sciences (a minimum of 60 ECTS, with the minimum grade of 3/5), or
  2. 2. Teacher’s Pedagogical Studies (60 ECTS) AND any university-level intermediate study module.

The Master’s degree programme is completed as a full-time study over two years on the Joensuu campus. Complementary studies (a maximum of 60 ECTS) are not included in the ECTS credits of the Master’s degree studies. The programme also includes training periods designed to familiarise students with different career counselling environments and to develop their practical work skills.

You can apply for the Master’s Degree Programme in Career Counselling via

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