Qualification Studies for Career Counsellors

In compliance with Decree 794/2004, the Qualification Studies for Career Counsellors (60 ECTS) module provides students with professional competences in study and career counselling. A successful completion of the studies qualifies graduates to work as study and career counsellors in schools and other educational institutions. The programme provides students with a diverse skill set for working in expert positions in student and career counselling in different education institutions and changing career counselling environments, for instance in various projects in the field and in employment services, the private sector, and organisations.

The module is directed to students who have a previous university degree and have completed pedagogical studies for teachers and to students who wish to study career counselling as a minor subject. The module is based on blended learning and generally completed in two academic years. The studies are composed of on-campus courses, online and distance learning, and work practice or a basic training period and a development project.

Application Criteria

The studies are meant for applicants who have a higher university degree and have completed pedagogical studies for teachers and are working as teachers or counsellors.

Application criteria:

  • higher university degree,
  • teacher’s pedagogical studies, and
  • at least 12 months of experience in teaching or counselling (full-time, at least 16 hours per week)

The module can be completed through extramural study, i.e. alongside work. However, students have to be able to attend most of the on-campus classes. Students can freely select the business or organisation and location in which they perform their on-the-job training and the included introduction to the role of career counsellor in various operating environments.

The initial schedule of on-campus classes (pdf)

Detailed information on application periods and selection criteria can be found via Studyinfo.fi.

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