Degree Programme in Education and Adult Education

The Degree Programme in Education and Adult Education is a study programme that provides a wide-ranging approach to lifelong learning. In this programme, you can major in either Education or Adult Education. Because of the blended learning based curriculum, you can complete studies flexibly when and where suits you best.

The programme focuses on the basics of education, lifelong learning, the knowledge society and development of working life and on the possible ways of advancing and researching these. A special focus point of research is the various learning environments from the viewpoint of lifelong learning and diverse education.

In this study programme, you can complete both the BA (Education) degree (180 ECTS) and the MA (Education) degree (120 ECTS). The BA degree equips you for MA degree studies and provides you with the basic skills needed in working life. The MA degree provides you with a broad-based competence for expert positions in education, coordination, administration, human resources development, leadership, research and evaluation.

Diverse, optional minor subjects allow you to specialise according to your personal interests. Minor subjects are important for the development and orientation of your academic professionalism. You can, for example, include Pedagogical Studies in Adult Education, in your degree as a minor subject. Students are admitted to this minor subject programme through a separate application process. This minor subject provides a foundation for careers in teaching and education.

The Degree Programme in Education and Adult Education provides you with a wide-ranging competence required in various positions in the field of education. Graduates from the programme have found employment in positions such as education coordinators, project coordinators, adult educators, researchers, career counsellors, heads of human resources and administrative officials. Follow-up studies concerning employment show that graduates from the Degree Programme in Education and Adult Education have, as a rule, been successful in finding work that corresponds to their education (see

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