Research in Special Education

1. Learning Difficulties and Social Exclusion

In this research theme, we analyse the factors that have restricted or promoted the study progress, employment, coping in working life and well-being of children, young people and adults with special needs.

2. Developing Pedagogical Support and Special Education

Pedagogical support is available to everyone but it is meant especially for children and young people whose learning and participation requires more support: careful planning and individual progress monitoring. Pedagogical support refers to the teaching, care and education, and rehabilitation that are linked, on the one hand, to traditional intervention studies and, on the other hand, to all everyday procedures that promote learning and participation; procedures that are given as required, for example, in the revised Basic Education Act and in the Act on Pupil and Student Welfare.

Our research interests include:

  1. The various interventions of learning and participation
  2. Education policy research
  3. Research on new pedagogical support tools and methods
  4. Developing multi-professional cooperations
  5. The educational prospects of interactive technologies in the development of special education

3. Developing Inclusive Learning Environments

This research theme focuses on issues related to developing operating environments so that they support active participation. This allows everyone to have an influence in their own life and in the participation in their community’s operations. The research relates to different points in people’s lifes and it is multi-agency and multidisciplinary in nature.