Certificate Programme for Special Education Teachers

The Certificate Programme for Special Education Teachers can be studied as qualification studies or minor studies. The studies provide students with professional competences and qualifications to work in the field of special education. The students’ previous studies and degrees are also an affecting factor in the qualifications.

Students who wish to enroll in this programme must meet one of the following prerequisites:

  1. class teacher qualification, or
  2. higher university degree and teacher’s pedagogical studies (60 ECTS) either included in the degree or in addition to the degree, or
  3. the right to study in the Degree Programme in Class Teacher Education on the Joensuu campus, aiming for a BA and MA (Education) degree, and by the end of the application period still not started the optional minor studies included in the programme (other optional courses, 10 ECTS, required in the BA Education degree may be completed).

For the students holding a previous degree, the qualification studies will be offered during two semesters in 2017–2018 so that it will be possible to finish the studies at the end of the spring semester 2018. The studies are offered on the Joensuu Campus, and they require full time studying in Joensuu for approximately 2.5 months, as well as full-time teaching practice, which can be completed in the students’ home municipalities.

As minor subject studies, the programme is designed to complement the BA and MA (Education) degrees in Class Teacher Education. 25 ECTS credits worth of minor studies will be included in the BA (Education) degree and 35 ECTS credits in the MA (Education) degree. The right to study in the Certificate Programme for Special Education Teachers will expire in the end of the academic year during which one has completed his/her Master’s degree.

The studies must be started in autumn 2017, and the students are required to complete at least 10 ECTS per academic year, in accordance with the curriculum.

How to Apply

The application period for the studies starting in autumn 2017 is from 15 March to 5 April 2017. Information relating to the application procedure and admission criteria is available in the electronic Application Guide of the University of Eastern Finland, to be published in autumn 2016. A link to the application form will be made available during the application period at http://www.uef.fi/fi/web/kapsy/ajankohtaista.

You can apply for the Certificate Programme for Special Education Teachers via Studyinfo.fi.

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