Special Education

Focusing on Learners with Special Needs

The different study programmes in Special Education all share the same major subject (Special Education). The subject concentrates on international and high-quality research and teaching on the upbringing and education of special needs children, youth and adults. The Special Education programme has been a central part of the university’s research and teaching in education since 1969. Nowadays we are one of the biggest education and research units in Special Education in Finland.

We are an important education provider for special educators. One of our strengths is our diverse selection of modules and courses in which we take into account the needs of the future working life. The employment situation of special education teachers in schools and kindergartens is very good.

Strong Expertise in Special Education

The Degree Programme for Special Education Teachers qualifies students to work as a special education teacher, class teacher in special education and class teacher. In addition, graduates of this programme can complete studies in the Certificate Programme for Special Education Teachers and the Master’s Degree Programme for Special Education Teachers.

Programmes for Future Kindergarten Special Education Teachers

The Certificate Programme for Kindergarten Special Education Teachers is aimed at qualified kindergarten teachers and Bachelors of Social Services. We also organise the Master’s Degree Programme for Kindergarten Special Education Teachers.

Useful Minor Subject

Minor Subject Studies in Special Education are available to all students of the University of Eastern Finland. These studies do not, however, qualify students to work as special education teachers. Class teacher students can take the Certificate Programme for Special Education Teachers as their minor subject.

Scientific Postgraduate Education

In the Doctoral Programme of Educational Sciences, students can complete scientific postgraduate education with Special Education as their major subject and pursue a licentiate and/or a doctoral degree.

Research on Current Issues

Our three main areas of research interest are:

  1. Learning difficulties and social exclusion
  2. Developing pedagogical support and special education
  3. Developing inclusive learning environments

Our research focuses on all learners from early education to adult education. We examine questions relating to, for instance, well-being, technological solutions, evaluation and learning environments. Our research’s special characteristics and strengths are the longitudinal research approach, interventions and case studies. Many of the special education research groups work in LINE (Learning in Interactive Environments) which is one of the university’s advanced-level strong research areas.