Our gogies

Pedagogy, andragogy and heutagogy

Though pedagogical orientation permeates our organisation at every level from leadership and curricula design to assessment and teaching practices, we incorporate increasing levels of andragogical and heutagogical principles whenever it makes sense. Every teacher is allowed to choose their teaching orientation, be it pedagogy, andragogy, heutagogy or even metagogy, to suit the students, the content and the objectives at hand.

Learning as a holistic process

Our learner-centered approach helps teachers and pupils to balance between multiple objectives, strategies and teaching materials. Learning as such is considered a holistic process, in which teachers guarantee both structured progress and authentic, individual learning experiences for our students.

Adhering to differing learning backgrounds and needs is one of our guiding principles in designing teaching. For example collaborative methods, inquiry and problem based learning and the adoption of digital learning environments also help us in achieving the goal of increased self-efficacy.  This approach involves the idea of expanding the concept of a teacher to comprise students themselves, along with expertise outside the boundaries of our immediate school context.