Transport of Personal Possessions

If you move your personal possessions from your home country to Finland, please contact the relocating / shipping companies in your country of residence, or see some alternatives at:

Unless you know the size of the apartment where you are moving to, you should only bring the essentials. Inexpensive furniture and items for your home can be bought in second-hand shops or shops such as Ikea. If you wish to bring electrical appliances and/or electronics, you might need a voltage converter and a plug adapter unless you have dual-voltage electronics.

Bringing a car to Finland as removal goods

If you intend to bring a car to Finland as removal goods you must declare it to customs. 

The use of a vehicle in traffic also requires:

  • A declaration of use confirmed by Finnish Tax Administration
  • A valid EU/EEA registration or a transfer permit
  • A traffic insurance valid in Finland.

Temporary tax-free use of car

If you live permanently reside outside Finland you may, on certain conditions, use a car  in Finland without having to pay car tax. The extent of the right to tax-free use depends on whether the vehicle has been imported for the person’s use (a so-called tourist car) or if it is used for business purposes.

The following conditions are to be met for tax -free use

  • Your permanent place of residence is registered abroad
  • The car is registered abroad
  • You only use the vehicle up to 6 months in a 12-month period
  • The motor insurance is valid in Finland

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