Non-European Union (Non-EU) and Non-European Economic Area (Non-EEA) Citizens

Citizens from the non-EU/EEA countries usually need to obtain a visa or a residence permit / residence permit for employed persons before their arrival in Finland. You must initiate the application process yourself. The University of Eastern Finland cannot apply for the entry documents on your behalf.


A visa is an entry permit for short visits that do not exceed the duration of three months (90 days).

Researchers, teachers and specialists coming to work at the University of Eastern Finland on the basis of an invitation or a contract for no longer than 90 days, do not need a residence permit. They must, however, have a valid visa. Citizens from certain countries are exempt the from visa requirement. To apply for a visa and to see if you can enter Finland free of visa, please see the visa requirements at the website of the of Foreign Affairs.

If you are working at the University of Eastern Finland in any other capacity than researcher/teacher/specialist, you must apply for a residence permit / residence permit for an employed person.

Further information

Residence permits

You need a residence permit if you intend to pursue PhD studies or work in Finland for longer than three months (90 days). The required permit depends on your duties and background:

How to apply for a residence permit

1.    Submit your application online

Submitting the residence permit application electronically at Enter Finland is the cheapest and fastest way to get a residence permit decision.

Please attach the invitation letter and clarification of income (grant/scholarship/bank statement etc.) to your application. You will also need a copy of your passport and a photo that complies with the requirement listed at

Good to know when filling in the application

  • UEF´s business ID is 2285733-9
  • If you wish to bring your spouse/partner and family to Finland, it is recommended to submit all the applications at the same time. If the spouse/partner and family members submit their applications later, the processing times are substantially longer. For further information, please see
  • Request for Finnish personal ID number
    It is recommended that you request for a Finnish personal ID number at the same time as you apply for a reseidence permit. The Finnish personal identity code is needed for tax purposes, opening a Finnish bank account etc. Having the personal identity number before your arrival will make many situations easier in the Finnish society. You can request for the ID number by ticking the box in section called population registration and personal identity code in the application.

2.   Book an appointment with a Finnish Embassy

Although the residence permit application can be submitted electronically, you must visit the Finnish Embassy in person to verify your identity and to present the original documents. Your application will not be processed until you have visited the Embassy.

Book an appointment with a Finnish Embassy as soon as possible. Many embassies are busy and getting an appointment might take months.  If there is no Finnish Embassy in your home country, you should contact the Finnish Embassy nearest to your home country.  Please note that applications cannot be submitted to honorary consulates.

Contact information of Finnish Embassies around the world can be found at
3.  Wait for the decision

Average processing time for a researcher´s residence permit is 26 working days and about two weeks for posting of the residence permit card. Please note that you cannot come to Finland before you have been granted a residence permit.