New Employee Induction

The University of Eastern Finland is a specialist organisation providing high quality teaching, research and development services. At the outset of their careers, all university employees must therefore familiarise themselves with their duties, immediate operating environment and the entire, extended university community. Familiarisation with the work community, and adaptation to it at the outset of employment and to later changes in the environment, form a focal starting point for high quality activities.

New employee induction is integral to competence development, forming the first development step at the beginning of each employee's career. Regular performance appraisal discussions and joint meetings of the work community create the later basis for continuous development of individual employees, the entire staff, and the work community.

Orientation for the new members of staff

The Orientation for the new members of staff is an excellent opportunity to explore the University of Eastern Finland as well as to learn about the resources and benefits for the staff at the UEF. The Orientation program is a helpful way to start employment on the right informational track.

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