Occupational accident insurance for staff members

All staff members whose employment has continued nonstop for at least one month are insured by the University of Eastern Finland. The staff are covered by the University insurance at work, on their way to/from work and when travelling on business. For further details, please see the UEF Heimo (login required).

No leisure time coverage

UEF's occupational accident insurance and the occupational health care services provided by the University of Eastern Finland do not cover leisure time or any family members. Therefore, taking out a private health insurance for you and your family members is strongly recommended. More information can be found here.

European Health Insurance Card

If you live and work in Finland and belong to the Finnish social security scheme (Kela), you can order the EHIC card from Kela. Please see here for more information. Please note that the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is not an alternative to travel insurance.


Insurance for researchers working on a grant

Grant recipients are not entitled to use occupational health care services provided by the UEF. If you have a municipality of residence registered to you, you are entitled to use the public health care services and pay the same client fees as local residents.

However, if you don't have a municipality of residence in Finland or come from the EU countries, you are not entitled to use public health care services. As a temporary resident in Finland, you will receive acute treatment in a hospital in case of an emergency, but you will have to cover the full expenses yourself.

Grant recipients without a municipality of residence should primarily use health services provided by private health care centres. Private health services are considerably more expensive for the client than public ones.


Private Health Insurance

Finnish insurance companies provide health insurance only for permanent residents of Finland who can speak Finnish, taking out a private health insurance before your arrival in Finland is strongly recommended.

The University of Eastern Finland has negotiated together with other higher education institutes in Finland an insurance with MARSH/SIP. Their insurance is primarily intended for students, but also staff members and their families are eligible for this insurance. You are welcome to choose any reliable insurance broker. Please consult the insurance brokers in the country of your residence or contact international insurance providers.

Further information