Emergencies and Urgent Medical Treatment

The general emergency number is 112. Call this number if you need help in case of a fire, sudden illness, traffic accident or other accident.

Do not call the emergency number in the case of common illnesses. Calls to this number are free of charge. When dialling the emergency number (112), you do not need an area code, not even when calling from a mobile phone.

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Urgent and emergency health care

Joensuu: North Karelia Central Hospital
Address: Tikkamäentie 16
Always call 013 330 2121 before coming to the emergency clinic


Kuopio: Emergency Unit of the Kuopio University Hospital (only for immediate assistance)
Address: Puijonlaaksontie 2
Always call 116 117 before coming to the emergency clinic


Savonlinna:Savonlinna Central Hospital, joint health care emergency service)
Address: Keskussairaalantie 6
Tel: +358 (0)15 527 7106 Mon-Fri 8.00-15.30
Tel. +358 (0)15 527 7777 Mon-Fri 14.00-22.00 and at weekends 8.00-22.00
Tel: +358 (0)15 527 7100 At night 22.00-08.00