Bank Account

It is recommended to open a Finnish bank account if you receive salary from the University of Eastern Finland. In comparison to many other countries, it is fast and relatively easy to open up a bank account in Finland. According to law, however, the bank must be able to reliably identify and know its customers.

For further information about opening a bank account in Finland and the required evidence of identity, please see the Expatriate Banking  and Know your customer -why do banks ask leaflets  published by the Federation of Finnish Financial Services (

All Finnish banks offer online banking facilities. The most common use for online banking is paying bills without having to go to the bank. Finnish online bank identifier codes are essential also for using many other e-services in Finland.

Which bank to choose?

You can choose any bank that best suits your needs (location, service fees, etc.).  In most banks, it is necessary to make a personal appointment in advance to open a bank account and to get service in English. Banks are usually open between 10:00 – 16:15 (or 16:30).

The following documents are usually needed:

  • Passport or other official ID with a photo
  • Residence permit from non-EU citizens
  • Work contract or grant award letter (recommended)
  • Finnish personal ID code (required in most banks)
  • Finnish ID (some banks require this, scroll down the page to foreigner's identity card )

Banks in Joensuu:

Banks in Kuopio: