Development of the INEXCA IT Platform

The INEXCA IT Platform is be developed by SenSoftia Oy in close co-operation with all academic project partners.

The IT Platform contains a data repository for storing cancer care research data and statistical data collected from healthcare professionals and cancer patients. The IT Platform also utilizes open research databases, big data analysis algorithms and neural networks to provide the best possible care recommendations based on the data collected and latest research findings.

The IT Platform also contains end-user web interfaces, mobile applications and additional services. The platform will allow researchers to quickly and easily insert and collect health status, new treatment and care effectiveness data.

Developing the platform, spring 2016


Additional services may include for example

  • video conferencing service between patients, researchers and healthcare professionals to ease the cancer treatment processes;
  • notification and recommendation services, patients can receive latest approved care recommendations from healthcare professionals and top researchers; and
  • social media services for networking between patients, researchers and healthcare professionals.