Each application must include the following documents

Please attach scanned copies of the original documents in the electonic application. Original documents will be checked from the admitted students only.



Official transcript of university records from the home university in English, or an officially certified translation of it.


BSc. diploma or equivalent (OR a statement of expected graduation, if the BSc degree has not been completed yet, OR a provisional BSc certificate)


Motivation letter


An introductory video file of an applicant uploaded into a video-streaming service such as youtube/vimeo/tudou. Link (URL) to the video has to be included into the application form.  Maximum duration of a video is 2 minutes. The video should include introduction, educational background and possible merits of the applicant. The video must be reachable for evaluators during the whole period of evaluation: January 22, 2020 - March 27, 2020.


Letter of recommendation from a local academic authority, preferably known to the UEF


Generally recognized English language test result OR a certificate stating language skills, if one of the specific conditions for language skills is fulfilled (mentioned at the language requirements)


Passport copy/other document of identification


Optionally, an example of a link to own individual work in English (research paper, report, essay, art, literature review, documented software, and similar). This should be translated into English or Finnish.

The eligibility and authenticity of the educational certificates of all applicants is evaluated. This includes e.g. contacting the previous educational institutions and language test providers. Any malpractice will be reported to the universities and proper authorities.

All translations must be officially certified and accompanied by copies of the original documents. Each page of an official translation must bear the translator's stamp and/or signature. Official translations must be exact translations of the original documents.

Applications will not be considered unless the documents requested are in English. Incomplete applications will not be processed. The application is considered incomplete if it does not include all the necessary documents delivered by the application deadline.

Conditional acceptance is possible if the applicant will finish the B.Sc. degree by August 7, 2020. Provisional B.Sc certificate is accepted if issuing of the final B.Sc certificate is delayed due to administrational reasons. enlightened