Monica Zych-Laine, South-Africa

I spent three months in South Africa as part of North-South-South exchange program during a summer time. South Africa is a country with a breathtaking nature and rich culture I was hosted by the University of Pretoria which is the best university in the country. In the university there were more students than the there are people living in Joensuu. Everyday the campus was bustling with life and different activities took place. There were almost too many courses to choose . Additionally, since I was close to my graduation I was given the opportunity to co-lecture a course that was in-line with my thesis topic.


I was lucky enough to be in SA during the World Cup. It has been an amazing experience to witness this historical event. I also got a chance to travel to other African countries to do some voluntary work. Being an exchange student in South Africa has been an awesome adventure and not only beneficial to my studies but also to my personal development.