Barun Khanal, Tanzania

Durng my IMPIT studies I went to Tanzania, East Africa as an exchange student. The exchange period was for 3 months and it was good chance for me to participate in different activities and opportunity to get to know the culture and people there. There I was living with one of the local student from the university to know more about their daily lives and how different things work, and there were many fun part in these itself. In the mean time, I got chance to teach students there at the university. During that time, I also collaborate with other students to work with some projects in local community development.

The two most interesting trip of the exchange period was the ones I took with the other local tourism students there. The first one they called it “3 countries in 5 days”, where we went to most popular places in northern Tanzania (2 days), and one day each to border places in Malawi and Zambia. Knowing some physical and other differences in these so close countries was something worth doing. The next was 5 days trip to Zanzibar Island - a semi-autonomous part of the Tanzania. Several small islands, spice culture, exotic beaches, and ages old Arabs slave history were the main attraction to me from Zanzibar – truly amazing.