Russian Language and Culture

What You’ll Learn

If you choose to specialise in Russian Language and Culture, you will be provided with an in-depth understanding of the Russian language, literature and culture and with the skills to search, analyse and apply information as a language teacher or other language expert.

The studies develop your language skills and communicative competences and improve your knowledge of linguistics and Russian literature and culture. You will also be introduced to the basics of translation and interpreting.

Planning Your Studies

Courses focusing explicitly on the Russian language and culture constitute over 70% of the Master’s degree studies. In addition, you will study either only the basic studies or both basic and intermediate studies of one minor subject. You can choose Subject Teacher’s Pedagogical Studies or any other minor subject that best supports your career interests. You can also incorporate an internship period into your advanced studies. The internship will provide you with practical skills and networks in real workplaces.

In the advanced studies the amount of optional courses increases and you will have more freedom to choose what you study. You can tailor your studies to suit your interests and specialise in fields of language and culture that especially interest you. The scope of advanced studies is 85 credits from which 20 credits are granted for courses of your choosing, focusing either on language, literature and culture or on language learning and teaching. You can also complete a part of your studies abroad in an exchange programme.

The advanced studies include 25 ECTS credits’ worth of compulsory courses which focus on themes such as professional language skills, the development of the modern Russian language, contemporary Russian culture and society, and research methodology. You will demonstrate your expertise in your Master’s thesis (40 ECTS credits) which will be on the topic of your choice. You will start your research project in a common seminar. In the end of your studies you will write a reflective essay on your studies and the transition to working life.

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