Multicultural Perspectives on Health

Language of tuition is Finnish.

Understanding Multiculturalism, Health and Well-Being, and Intercultural Interaction

Finnish society has always been multicultural. In addition to the dominant culture, our multicultural society consists of various nationalities, ethnic groups, genders, age groups, subcultures, immigrants and other social groups. In the study module of Multicultural Perspectives on Health (Finnish abbreviation TeMoKuu), topics of interest include cultural mindsets, everyday health habits and cognitive backgrounds relating to the health and well-being of these various groups, and the challenges these pose to the health care system.

We approach the challenges of the rapidly changing and globalising society from a multidisciplinary perspective. Studies in Multicultural Perspectives on Health, which is an excellent minor subject for degrees in various fields, offer many kinds of tools and perspectives valuable in professional life.

Flexible Blended Learning

The studies are designed to provide you with a wide understanding of common issues and cognitive questions related to multiculturalism and health, and research in this field. You can study Multicultural Perspectives on Health as a minor subject or choose single courses from the diverse selection according to your interests.

We organise teaching through the Moodle online learning environment. There is varied expertise in the study module as its teachers’ fields of expertise include cultural studies, public health and clinical nutrition. Some of the courses are completed online, others are completed by taking a book examination or by doing written assignments home. All the instructions and other material related to completing the studies can be found on the Moodle website. The study module is designed so that it can be completed in one academic year.

The Multicultural Perspectives on Health study module is offered jointly by the Finnish Language and Cultural Research subject group on the Joensuu campus and the Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition on the Kuopio campus.

Unique Research

The cross-pollination of health sciences and applied cultural studies presents unique themes and areas of research in which the University of Eastern Finland has a strong expertise base. The research conducted at the project of Multicultural Perspectives on Health spans a fairly wide range of fields within cultural health research.

The Multicultural Perspectives on Health project has been accepted as one of the research groups of the Kuopio Welfare Research Center (KWRC).

Research in Public Health and Clinical Nutrition

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