German Language and Culture

Please note: Any new students majoring German language will not be selected in 2017 anymore.
German can still be studied as a minor subject as before.

Shaping Your Studies

German Language and Culture studies introduce you to the different aspects of the German language, culture and societal history. The studies include practical language and culture courses along with theoretical linguistic, cultural and literary studies. The study programme aims to equip students with the skills required in working as language teachers and in other expert positions.

Both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree studies have room for minor subjects. Study possibilities include study programmes in other languages, in pedagogy and in economic, natural or social sciences. With the minor studies you can form your individual profile of expertise. With the exception of languages and pedagogics, students can in most cases choose their minor subjects freely without any restrictions.

Dynamic and Diverse

During the basic studies, you will develop your linguistic, textual and communicative skills, deepen your knowledge of the German-speaking culture and familiarise yourself with the basics of German language and culture research. Intermediate studies introduce you to the various fields of linguistic and cultural research, and solidify your communicative competences in German. Advanced studies focus on text analysis, special fields in linguistic and cultural research and the development of your scholarly expertise.

The language of tuition is generally German, but in the beginning of the studies some courses are held in Finnish. Studies are based on a range of teaching methods such as lectures, exercises, book-based exams, group assignments and projects, independent learning and practical training periods.

International guest lectures and various visits to field-related businesses and institutions organized by the unit are an integral part of the university studies.

The studies include a compulsory work or study period in a German-speaking country. The University of Eastern Finland offers many exchange programmes with German universities.

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