Studies in Project Management

Language of tuition is Finnish.

Project Management Skills in Demand in the Ever-Changing Business Life

More and more of our Master’s degree graduates work on projects especially in the beginning of their professional life. While you can achieve project work expertise in your professional life, you also have the opportunity to prepare and practice by taking our courses in project management. The courses focus on financial, communication and professional skills.

The study module consists of three sub-modules. In the sub-module that focuses on financial skills, you can choose courses on marketing, budgeting and accounting. You can also include courses on entrepreneurial action in your degree. In the working life communication sub-module, you can select courses that will strengthen your meeting, negotiating and writing skills. In the sub-module that focuses on professional skills, you will participate in an internship corresponding to your field of study in either Finland or abroad. You can also include participation in the work of students’ associations and administrations in this sub-module.

The basic study module is directed especially at humanists but we welcome all interested students. The study module is available to all students of the University of Eastern Finland.

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