Media Culture and Communication Studies

Language of tuition is Finnish.

Are you interested in modern cultural phenomena and the development of your communication skills? If your answer is yes, the fitting study programme for you is Media Culture and Communication Studies.

The media and communication constitute phenomena that are global and, at the same time, a part of our daily lives. Media Culture and Communication Studies offers you a multidisciplinary and evaluative perspective to this extensive field. We examine the social and cultural structures and everyday practices of the media. Our topics of interest include global media business, individual media presentations and the significance of media technologies for people’s everyday lives. In addition to theoretical skills, the studies will provide you with communication skills necessary in workplaces.

Our graduates have found employment, for example, in state and municipal cultural administrations, in the third sector, in different projects and as spokespersons, reporters and scriptwriters.

How to Apply

You can apply to study Media Culture and Communication Studies in the joint application system by applying to the study programme of Cultural Studies.

All students of the University of Eastern Finland can study Media Culture and Communication Studies as a minor subject.

Media Culture and Communication Studies is available as a major subject in Bachelor’s degree (Bachelor of Arts). In the advanced studies stage (Master’s degree studies) Media Culture and Communication Studies is a line of study within the Cultural Studies subject.

Viewing the Structures and Everyday Use of the Media through Fresh Eyes

During the basic studies you will familiarize yourself with the main concepts, theories and viewpoints relevant to the media culture. The studies will provide you with an overview of the media and analytical tools for examining it. The intermediate studies are focused on the main research trends, theories and research methods relating to the media culture and communication. In addition, you will be provided with the interaction and IT skills required in workplaces. As your studies progress, the amount of independent work increases and you will be able to focus on the media culture phenomena that you find personally interesting.

The advanced studies are completed as a specialisation available at the advanced level in Cultural Studies. The content of your studies will be defined on the basis of the topic of your Master’s thesis. You will continue to deepen your understanding of the media’s role and significance in society and people’s everyday lives. The internship period, included in your advanced studies, will provide you with practical skills and networks in real workplaces.

The Meanings of Media and Technology

We study the media and technology from the cultural studies’ point of view. Research is focused on the interrelatedness of the media, technology and culture in people’s everyday lives. Particular emphasis is placed on the active role people have as users of the media and technology. Our research has focused on, for instance, the effects that the digitization of TV channels has on people’s everyday use of the media, the meanings given to information technology, and the adoption of media technologies directed at consumers.

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