Cultural Anthropology

Language of tuition is Finnish.

Study Foreign Cultures, Marvel at the Diversity of Culture and Get to Know the Special Traits of Your Own Culture

Cultural Anthropology is comparative research of cultures: it examines the ways in which humans from different cultures perceive the world and organise their societies.

Studying anthropology provides a foundation for understanding the ways of thinking and acting in other cultures and for observing one’s own culture and its subcultures from a multicultural point of view.

Our students become professionals in the field of cultural anthropology and they can work on demanding expert tasks. Our graduates have found employment, for example, as reporters and researchers and in state and municipal cultural administrations, different companies in the field of culture and in the third sector, for instance in projects or as spokespersons for organizations.

Interpreters of Culture

During the basic studies you will familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of cultural anthropology and the diversity of culture. The intermediate studies will broaden your expertise in cultural anthropology. You can direct your studies toward cultural characteristics or trends in the field that personally interest you.

The advanced studies in the master’s degree are completed as advanced studies of Cultural Studies with Cultural Anthropology as the field of specialisation. The advanced studies with common studies in Cultural Studies and specialisation in Cultural Anthropology build scholarly competence and professional expertise. The advanced studies also involve work-oriented studies in which you can gain practical experience and build job networks.

How to Apply

You can apply to study Cultural Anthropology in the joint application system by applying to the study programme of Cultural Studies.

As a minor subject, Cultural Anthropology is open to all students of the University of Eastern Finland. Further information can be found in the Minor Subject Application Guide (Finnish).

Cultural Anthropology is available as a major subject in Bachelor’s degree (Bachelor of Arts). In the advanced studies stage (Master’s degree studies), Cultural Anthropology is a line of study within the Cultural Studies subject.

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