Japanese Language and Culture

Language of tuition are Finnish and Japanese.

The Fascinating Language, Culture and History of Japan

Learning Japanese opens up a new world of culture, politics and commerce. A command of Japanese is a rare skill and will make you more marketable in the job market. By studying Japanese Language and Culture, you can immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Japan and gain expertise in the Japanese language.

You can begin your studies in Japanese without prior knowledge of the language. You will start studying the Japanese grammar and hiragana and kanji characters right from the beginning of the programme. Thus, your reading and writing skills will develop quickly. Listening, pronunciation and discussion exercises will improve your Japanese communication skills. In addition, you will practice giving short speeches and presentations, which will build your confidence in speaking Japanese.

In the intermediate studies, you will practice your language skills through role play exercises and plays, speeches and conversations, and listening exercises. You will deepen your knowledge of Japanese grammar and do various writing assignments, for instance short translations. You will study new kanji characters mostly independently.

Dig Deep Into Japanese Culture

Japanese Language and Culture studies introduce you to various aspects of Japanese language, culture and society. Some lectures are given by visiting Japanese experts. You will approach cultural topics by preparing presentations, introductory speeches and essays. You will also write reviews and essays about films and documentaries. You can complete some of your intermediate studies in an exchange programme in Japan.

How to Apply

If you wish to study Japanese Language and Culture as a minor subject, you should apply for the study right. Further information can be found in the Minor Subject Application Guide (Finnish).

Experiencing Japanese Culture in Japan and Joensuu

You can deepen your understanding of the Japanese language and culture by studying in Japan as an exchange student. We offer many exchange programmes in Japan. You can study there for a semester or a whole academic year.

We arrange a Japan Day with a varying theme each year. The event provides a glimpse into the Japanese culture right here in the university corridors. There will be a variety of activities available. For example, you may have the opportunity to attend a guest lecture or explore images and voices of Japanese popular culture.

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