English Language and Culture

From the Various Forms of Modern English to Encounters with Different Cultures

In the English Language and Culture study programme, you will be provided with an in-depth understanding of the English language and culture and with the skills to search, analyse and apply information as a language teacher or in other positions which require language expertise. The emphasis of the study programme is on the modern language and culture, and we underline, in both teaching and research, the importance of encounters with different cultures. You can also improve your individual set of competences and skills required in employment with your chosen minor subjects.

As a student of English Language and Culture, you will learn the nuances of the language and develop your communication and interaction skills. You will study the language structure and usage, special characteristics of language learning, and literary and cultural phenomena of English-speaking countries. During the compulsory basic studies, you will be provided with introductory knowledge and skills in these fields. The language of tuition is English.

In the intermediate and advanced studies, you will specialise in either language or literature research. The advanced studies include a wide selection of optional courses. You can choose to study, for example, nineteenth century sensation fiction, the multiculturalism in contemporary British literature or the varieties of English spoken in different parts of the world.

Echo, the English students’ association, promotes the interests of English students and organizes various fun events.

Active and International Programme

Every year we welcome many exchange students and foreign visiting lecturers. Your studies include the possibility for a study or work period in an English-speaking country. When choosing your destination, consider all options: in addition to the UK and the USA, possible countries include, for example, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa, as well as international English-language organizations and university exchange programmes.

Distinctive and High-Quality Research: Variation, Contacts, Ethnicity

We conduct high-quality research on the English language and literature. Our research is international and networked in nature. We have hosted several important conferences and are active in a variety of different researcher and graduate school networks. Our research groups’ work is prolific and many of our researchers participate in the operations of the University of Eastern Finland’s top-level international research area Borders, Mobilities and Cultural Encounters.

The focus areas of our linguistic research are:

  • regional and social variation
  • language contacts and multilingualism
  • digital linguistics and structural variation in modern English

The focus areas of our literature and cultural research are:

  • ethnic and postcolonial literature
  • literature from cultural studies perspectives
  • popular literature and culture

Examples of Current Research

  • Companion Animals and the Affective Turn (Prof. Nyman; Academy of Finland 2011–2015)
  • Changing English: Integrating Cognitive, Social and Typological Perspectives (Prof. Filppula; Academy of Finland 2014–2017)

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