Exchange students

We warmly invite exchange and visiting students to study to the Department of Nursing Science, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Eastern Finland. Students can join us for the entire academic year or just one semester according to the agreement.

This study offerings is designed to provide a firm grounding in different aspects of nursing science and health promotion, public health, health management and business as well as professional intercultural competence based to reciprocal cooperation with other departments. The courses available are appropriate for advanced undergraduates and/or graduate students.

The working language of the courses is English. Versatile teaching and learning methods and environments are used in the education. Part of studying takes place in flexible online learning environments utilizing digitalization.

Education at the Department of Nursing science prepares students for multicultural and international operations. Education is of high quality, has its foundations on research, and fills the current and future requirements of work life. The department constantly maintains and develops its quality system for teaching, and study guidance.

Courses for exchange students 2020-2021 (pdf)

Autumn semester 2019


1131003 Orientation to International Students 1 x x
4312103 Community Based Health Promotion 5 x x
4310210 Intercultural Competence and Professionalism 5 x x
4311104 Health Promotion and Management 5   x
4318001 Evaluation of Nursing Knowledge in Nursing Science 4   x
5410158 Comparison of International Health and Welfare Systems
(Dept. of Health and Social Management)
5   x

Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review (MPH programme)

1   x
4455032 Health Promotion, Introduction to Theory and Practice (MPH programme) 2 x x
4455607 Principles of Nutrition (MPH programme) 5 x x
4455908 Global and Local Public Health Issues (MPH programme) 5 x x
4455057 Biostatistics 1 (MPH programme) 3 x x
8014300 Survival Finnish (language center) 2 x x
  Spring semester 2020      
1131003 Orientation of International Students 1 x x
4318005 Values and Knowledge Basis in Nursing Science 3 x x
4312101 Health Impact Assessment 5   x
4311006 Patient Safety 3 x x
4311104 Health Promotion and Management 5   x
4314010 Ethics in Intercultural Interaction 5 x x
4455301 Health Care Systems (MPH programme) 2 x x
4455056 Qualitative Research (MPH programme) 3 x x
4455041 Evidence Based Health Care (MPH programme) 2 x x
4455309 Public Health and Vulnerable Groups (MPH programme) 3 x x
4455909 Health, Culture and Society I (MPH programme) 2 x x
4455408 Ethics and Health (MPH programme) 3 x x
4455700 Basics of Occupational Health (MPH programme) 5 x x
8014300 Survival Finnish (language center) 2 x x


Application deadlines

  • 30 April for autumn semester (September - December) or full academic year (September - May) studies
  • 30 September for spring semester (January - May) studies

It is not possible to apply after the deadline.

For more information about applying, please see UEF// How to apply as an exchange student and for general academic matters, please see UEF // Academic matters.

The study guidance is integrated to orientation studies provided during the first days and the guidance is available through the studies. At the beginning of the exchange period the students will recheck and complete their Learning Agreement (personal study plan) together with their teacher tutor. In addition to the major studies, the personal study plan may involve multidisciplinary, optional courses or study modules from the curriculums offered in other Faculties and Departments according to one's personal interest. The teacher tutor is ready to respond to any request of assistance or instructions needed to ensure the ideal learning outcome as possible for exchange students.

For further information, please contact the exchange students' teacher tutor of the department of nursing science:

Maliheh Nekouei Marvi Langari
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University Teacher
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International coordinator
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Kuopio Canthia 3022
University of Eastern Finland
Faculty of Health Sciences
Department of Nursing Science
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