Kamu and study communities

Student handbook Kamu

Kamu (https://kamu.uef.fi/en) is a student handbook that contains instructions, services and news that concern all students, and it is available in Finnish and English. The student handbook is designed for mobile devices, and no login is required. Thanks to its logical structure, it is easy to find everything in the handbook. Students don’t need to know the headline under which a certain matter belongs, as the keyword search will bring up content even from deep within the website. The handbook features links to matters that are important to students: the O365 environment (incl. study communities, email, Yammer, Office tools...) Moodle, menus of the campus restaurants, etc.

Study communities

Study communities are O365 sites dedicated to a specific subject or a degree programme. These study communities feature field-specific instructions and current issues relating to studies, as well as all important contact information. Study communities use their own Yammer groups for communication. All study communities can be accessed by all students; however, students will need to login to O365 with their UEFAD username and password (https://kamu.uef.fi/student-book/opintoyhteisot). 

Keep up with day-to-day communication in Yammer 

Yammer is the main channel of internal communication for students and staff alike.  Information that concerns all students is shared in the UEF Opiskelijat /UEF Students Yammer group, where students can also comment on and discuss the posts made. Study communities also have their own Yammer groups, which are intended for sharing information that is specific to a particular subject or degree programme. It is also possible to create new Yammer groups as needed. You can access Yammer by going to the O365 environment via the student handbook or the university website. 
Yammer is also available as a simple and free app that can be downloaded on your phone from the app store.  Having the Yammer app on your phone makes it easy to keep up with conversations from anywhere, anytime. 
To learn more about Yammer, please see http://www.uef.fi/web/heimo-ja-kamu/mika-yammer-