Studying at the Institute of Dentistry


The basic education of a dentist lasts for 5,5 years (330 ECTS). Students graduate as Licentiates of Dentistry.

The education includes both the preclinical and clinical stages. During the first two years the emphasis of the preclinical stage is on basic knowledge, skills and proficiencies consisting mainly of theoretical medical studies. In the clinical stage from the third year onward clinical work is learnt in a simulation environment. After that students move on to the clinical stage working in the Teaching clinic under specialists.

After completing their fifth year, the students have a compulsory six month practical placement at a health centre before graduating.

Educational emphases

The main emphasis from the beginning of the studies is to teach students the role of dentists and the dental health care system as part of an holistic health care system.

The graduates will work as experts of the masticatory system, health promotion, prevention of disease and diagnostics, working in close co-operation with the rest of the health care system.