Seizing a sustainable future

Our strategy is rooted in global challenges to which we seek solutions in our profile areas through interdisciplinary research and multidisciplinary education. In doing so, we build a responsible and sustainable future.

The high standard of research and education of our university builds a global future and strengthens the vitality of eastern Finland. We foster education and culture by making research-based knowledge available to benefit everyone.

  • We have the right and freedom to learn, to teach and to do research.
  • We are courageous, open and responsible.
  • Our activities are guided by ethicality and Sustainable Development Goals.


Research-based understanding

World-class science – a high standard of interdisciplinary research

Finding solutions to the complex problems of our changing world calls for an ability to think and combine things in a novel way.

Science for all – a pioneer of open science and science communication

Open science and an open operating culture improve the quality and impact of research. The use of research findings by society is intensified and science reaches an increasing number of people.

Part of regional and global development – a key agent of interaction in ecosystems

We participate in the creation of ecosystems of impact in the university’s profile areas, bringing a greater number of people within science’s sphere of influence.

Modern and renewal-driven learning

A learner-centred university – student-centred and networked learning environments

We develop the contents, modes and structures of education in a multidisciplinary and challenge-driven way with the latest research findings, professional relevance and societal needs in mind. Students, high-level learning processes and student well-being stand at the core of our activities.

Continuous learning – education that anticipates societal needs

We enable continuous learning and access to our education through an extensive academic offering as well as through open, multi-modal and flexible teaching.

International expertise – stronger mobility and educational immigration

We strengthen internationality in education and educational immigration. The university’s most important contribution to society are its graduates, who have the working skills that are needed in changing and international environments.

A participatory and inclusive university

Strong sense of community – an academic community characterised by well-being

The university’s staff and students are its most important assets. The university is an international, creative, participatory and inclusive scientific community that encourages open interaction.

Renewal-driven expertise – motivated staff and recognised strengths

The university’s success calls for successful recruitment. We allocate our human resources according to our strategic goals. We offer our teachers and researchers a clear, goal-oriented and incentivised career model. We make it possible for our staff to focus on duties that correspond to their expertise at different stages of their careers.

Open interaction and smooth service

We offer smooth services that cater to the needs of the academic community and our stakeholders. We operate responsibly in society, through impactful and sustainable partnerships. Leadership is based on current information.