UEF's innovation activities

The knowledge and expertise generated at the university play a significant role in the development of society and as capital for companies.

The innovation activities of the University of Eastern Finland are based on the university's societal mission. The university's research and education meet the needs of society and industry, enable the creation of new solutions, support the growth of knowledge economy and strengthen regional innovation clusters. The knowledge and expertise generated at the University of Eastern Finland constitute a growth platform for novel business activities and entrepreneurship.

Commercialisation projects

The university's commercialisation projects are market-oriented research projects seeking to use the top-level expertise of the University of Eastern Finland to create preconditions for new internationally-operating start-up companies.
Commercialisation projects produce knowledge and expertise that are relevant for the commercialisation of the research idea.

Examples of on-going commercialisation projects at the University of Eastern Finland:

Bruxism (Institute of Dentistry and Department of Applied Physics)

In this new knowledge and business from research idea project the project group prepares the commercialisation of mobile measurement system for bruxism

Contact: Sami Myllymaa (sami.myllymaa[at]uef.fi)


SO4 (School of Pharmacy)

The main goal of the SO4 project is preparing for the commercialisation of SO4-method based water treatment process for sulphate removal.

Contact: Juha-Matti Aalto (juha-matti.aalto[at]uef.fi)


SAT (Department of Nursing Science and School of Computing)

The aim of the Staff Allocation Tool (SAT) -project is to develop a prototype of SAT and prepare the commercialisation the product.

Contact: Taina Pitkäaho (taina.pitkaaho [at]uef.fi)


InDiGo! (Department of Environmental Science)

Intelligent applications and service concepts for industrial internet.

Contact: Yrjö Hiltunen (yrjo.hiltunen[at]uef.fi)


Spin-off companies

Some expertise generated at the University of Eastern Finland finds further use in business activities initiated by our staff members and students. Learn more about selected success stories that got started at UEF!