Development of research activities

The research activities of the University of Eastern Finland strive to ensure that:
    1. Research at the UEF is of high international standard.
    2. Postgraduate education at the UEF is of high level and the university's research careers are attractive.
    3. The research environment is modern and meets high standards.
    4. Research funding at the UEF rests on a solid base.

The development of the university's research activities is the responsibility of the Academic Rector, assisted by the university's Research Council.

Adherence to good scientific practice is the responsibility of the entire university staff. The university observes good scientific practice in its research activities and follows the guidelines given by the National Advisory Board on Research Ethics.

Research assessment

The university evaluates its research activities through self-assessments completed every year as well as through international peer reviews carried out at regular intervals. 

Research evaluation reports commissioned by the University of Eastern Finland

Research Assessment Exercise UEFRAE 2019

Research Assessment of the University of Eastern Finland performed in 2013

State of Scientific Research evaluation by the Academy of Finland

The university utilises the reviews of the state of scientific research in Finland conducted by the Academy of Finland.