Karelia, Russia and the Baltic Area Study Programme

During the past thousand years, the fate of Karelia has, in turn, been to come under the rule of the Vikings, Novgorod, Tsarist Russia, Sweden, Finland, the Soviet Union, and once again, Russia. Nowadays Karelia is divided between Russia (the Republic of Karelia, capital Petrozavodsk) and Finland (the province of North Karelia, capital Joensuu, and part of South Karelia). In other words, Karelia shares the complex history of Eastern Europe.

The University of Eastern Finland is an important centre for the study of Karelian history and culture. It is also a centre for Baltic studies. The University has established relations with the University of Petrozavodsk, several universities in St. Petersburg and Moscow, the University of Tartu in Estonia, the University of Latvia in Riga and many universities in Lithuania.

Karelia, Russia and the Baltic Area is an international, multi-disciplinary area studies programme co-ordinated by historians at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Business. The non-degree programme is offered in co-operation with the Philosophical Faculty. It is intended for both international and domestic students who have completed at least one year of university studies. The programme includes courses in History, Geography, Ethnography and Folklore, Social Sciences, Finnish and Russian.

The duration of the programme is one academic year. It is also possible for students to enrol for only one semester. The language of instruction is English. The Karelia, Russia and the Baltic Area Programme comprises six modules: seminar, basic modules (Finland and Russia) and option modules (History and Culture, Society, Multi-disciplinary Topics).

Courses, academic year 2019-2020

Timetables, academic year 2019-2020

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