Physics and Mathematics Education Research

Research on teaching and learning of physics and mathematics is based on the traditions of Physics Education Research (PER) and Mathematics Education Research. The research produces detailed knowledge about the factors influencing student learning. The results are used as a base in developing novel solutions for teacher education in mathematics and physics and for school teaching as well.

The most salient themes related to teacher education are teacher knowledge of mathematics and physics teachers and students’ mathematical-related orientations. Mathematics in engineering education is studied in cooperation with Karelia University of Applied Sciences. The projects belonging to the LUMA FINLAND programme focus on two themes: 1) the integration of technology education in physics and chemistry teaching at school, and 2) reducing the effects of sex segregation in students’ education and career choices in science and engineering fields.

Contact person:

  • physics or mathematics education research or doctoral education: Asikainen Mervi, Senior Lecturer
  • issues related to LUMA: Risto Leinonen, postdoctoral researcher

Physics and Mathematics Education Research  staff:

Name: Position:
Asikainen Mervi senior lecturer, docent
Hara Heikki part-time, Carelia AMK
Hietala Jesse early stage researcher
Pekka Hirvonen docent, Senior Lecturer (on leave until January 31, 2018)
Ikonen Kirsi early stage researcher
Kesonen Mikko postdoctoral researcher
Koponen Mika postdoctoral researcher
Leinonen Risto postdoctoral researcher
Pesonen Martti senior lecturer
Tinell Roni early stage researcher
Viholainen Antti senior lecturer