The research in mathematics in Joensuu has strong roots in mathematical analysis. Building on the tradition of classical complex analysis, one of the current research themes is Nevanlinna’s value distribution theory, and its applications to differential and functional equations. Another central research theme is operator theory in function spaces by applying functional, complex and harmonic analysis as tools.

Functional analytic methods are also important in the third research theme, the study of partial differential equations. These equations appear in numerous applications in science and technology and consequently they are also studied from the computational point of view.


Research area information can be found from the personal website of each researcher. The contact person in questions related to research and postgraduate studies is Risto Korhonen.

Name Position
Mikko Aspelund part-time teacher
Gaëlle Brunet research assistant
Janne Gröhn university lecturer
Juha-Matti Huusko postdoctoral researcher
Janne Heittokangas associate professor
Risto Korhonen  professor
Taneli Korhonen early stage researcher
Pekka Kosunen early stage researcher
Antti Käenmäki senior researcher
Ilpo Laine  professor, emeritus
Visa Latvala university lecturer
Bin Liu early stage researcher
Martti Pesonen lecturer
Jouni Rättyä  professor
Maryam Samavaki early stage researcher
Pekka Smolander part-time teacher
Jukka Tuomela  professor
Minna Turunen early stage researcher
Toni Vesikko early stage researcher
Antti Viholainen university lecturer
Alba Vrapi early stage researcher
Amine Zemirni early stage researcher




Mathematics docents excluding members of staff:

Sirkka-Liisa Eriksson (Tampere University of Technology)
Heikki Haario (Lappeenranta University of Technology)
Maria-José Martin-Gómez (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
Antti Perälä (Centre de Recerca Matemàtica, Universitat de Barcelona)
Jarkko Rieppo
Juhani Riihentaus
Jari Taskinen (University of Helsinki)
Jozef Zajac (State University of Applied Science in Chelm)