International exchange

We welcome foreign students to visit and complete a part of their studies in the Department of Physics and Mathematics. Furthermore, we encourage our own students to participate in student exchange. Please visit the UEF webpages Studies for exchange students and Student Exchange for International UEF Degree Students.

Internationality of the department

Internationality is highly valued in our department. Visits to foreign universities, research institutes, or companies are strongly recommended for PhD students. Thanks to our foreign PhD students and international master programmes, the students can enjoy lectures in an international atmosphere.

The Department of Physics and Mathematics is an organizer of the International Master's Degree programme in Photonics. In addition, the Department organizes courses for Erasmus+ Master's Degree Programme "Colour in Science and Industry" (COSI) and Erasmus Mundus Master's Degree Programme "Color in informatics and Media Technology" (CIMET) in co-operation with the School of Computing (University of Eastern Finland).