Welcome to the Frontier website!

On this website you can find information on the research project The frontier of sustainability transitions. Cultural adaptations of sustainability policies in European peripheral regions (Academy of Finland) led by University Lecturer, Docent Simo Häyrynen at the University of Eastern Finland.

Largely accepted goals to more sustainable modes of production and consumption do not progress similarly everywhere. This project focuses on the regional variation of sustainability transitions from cultural perspectives. The project draws upon a macro-analytical overview of how environmental elements are utilized in the construction of peripheral collective identities. Site-specific case studies are drawn mostly from Northern peripheries. The originality of this project leans on the formation of an ‘active peripheral agency’ in sustainability transitions. Peripheral communities do not passively adopt ideas given to them by external actors; rather, they respond to such ideas by symbolic governance, by using the elements of their traditional ways of life creatively and selectively. Thus, the project provides a better understanding of the socially and culturally polymorphic nature of the adoption of general sustainability.

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