Wood materials science

Wood materials science creates a link between wood and the final products such as bio-based materials, chemicals and energy derived from renewable biological resources. The properties, performance and versatility of available raw material resources is the basis for our research on which mechanical, chemical and biological conversion is being developed. We conduct research on wood materials in close collaboration with the forest based industry.


Faculty members

Dr. Ossi Turunen, professor, wood materials science
Dr. Antti Haapala, associate professor, wood materials science
Dr. Ari Pappinen, professor, industrial forest biotechnology and biorefining
Dr. Janne Jänis, professor, organic chemistry
Dr. Reijo Lappalainen, professor, biomaterial techniques
Dr. Markku Keinänen,  professor, biological ja biomedical imaging


Dr Suvi Kuittinen
Dr Laura Tomppo

MSc Aitor Barbero Lopez
MSc Chenyang Cai
MSc Soumaya Chibily
MSc Marta Cortina Escribano
MSc Kamrul Hassan
MSc Victoria Nwachukwu
MSc Md. Abdus Salam
MSc Ayobami Salami
MSc Sandra Sandar
MSc Mezbah Uddin
MSc Eija-Katriina Uusi-Tarkka
MSc Aki Villa
MSc Qing Zhao
MSc Anas Zyadin