Forest Science is multidisciplinary

Forests are the most versatile renewable resource in the world and they are used for countless needs.  Forest management, conservation, and the sustainable use of forests, to fulfil society's needs, require diverse scientific and professional expertise. The forest sector has a strong commitment to advance sustainable management of forests for economic, ecological, social, and cultural uses.

Forestry education is international and Finnish expertise in forestry is acknowledged and sought-after worldwide. Education in forest sciences emphasises a holistic view of the stewardship of forests, forest resources, and the benefits they provide, while ensuring their sustainable use and protection.

Our students come from all over the world. Over the past ten years, students from over 60 countries have completed a degree with. Annually School is home to about 100 international students who attend to courses in all the levels from Bachelor to Doctorate studies.

Forest Science graduates have the professional expertise in forestry to work as planners, developers, and advocates; they also act in administration and industry as experts, designers, and entrepreneurs. Multidisciplinary education provides the opportunity for careers in the environmental sector, in forest sector commerce, in forest research and education, in multiple-use and nature-based tourism, as well as in the insurance, banking, and information technology sectors and many others.

Are you interested in sustainable management of natural resources?

UEF School of Forest Sciences is one of the best academic units in forest sciences. We are internationally known for our excellence in research and all our teaching is based on contemporary scientific findings. If you are interested in how forest can be managed for the benefit of the global development and how they can be utilised to alleviate climate change or to solve the challenges related to energy supply, you have come to a right place.

The School of Forest Sciences is regarded as one of the leading teaching and research centres for the study of forestry and environmental management in the world. Through science, we are seeking solutions to topical local and global problems, the Great Challenges of the world. With Masters and PhD programmes, the School is active in a range of forestry-related networks at the national, European and international levels and benefits from close cooperation with European Forest Institute, EFI, and Finnish Natural Resources Institute, Luke.