Student life

Joensuu is a lively and safe place to live. Students form 25% of the town population and this can be seen and heard on the streets. The university campus is compact allowing students and staff from various faculties to interact. The campus is conveniently located in the middle of the city just 10 minute walk from the town square. Public transportation is efficient and a majority of buses run directly through the campus area.

Forestry student association and hunting club

All the students of the School of Forest Sciences are warmly welcomed to join the Forestry Students' Association. This association offers students activities such as opportunities to participate in the annual first-year student initiation, skiing events, parties, and hunting trips organised by Foresty students' hunting club.

UEF Student Union

University has also a Student Union, which among other things organises trips to other parts of Finland and neighbouring countries, arranges get-together parties and sports events. All the UEF degree students are automatically members of the student union and most welcome to participate in the events.


Accommodation in Joensuu for both international and Finnish students is offered by Student Housing Company Joensuun Elli, which is independent of the university. The company has several housing units located in different parts of Joensuu providing housing for more than 3000 students. Most students live in a shared flat where they have a private room, shared kitchen, bathroom and toilet with 1-2 other students. Exchange students are usually accommodated in a furnished room with a bed and a mattress, a desk, a chair and a wardrobe. please notice that there are no curtains, rugs, linen etc. in the flats. However, you can rent a survival package covering the basic needs from the Student Union. Students arriving with their family (i.e. spouse and/or children) may apply for a family flat.

Health services

The Finnish Student Health Service FSHS provides general, mental and oral health care services for undergraduate and graduate students of universities and other institutions of higher education. All the Bachelor and Master level students who are enrolled at the UEF can use the health services of FSHS, many of which are free of charge. FSHS Joensuu unit is conveniently located in the campus area in Aurora II building, where you can reserve and appointment with doctors, nurses and dentists.

Sports facilities

Joensuu offers great facilities for doing various sports. Right next to the campus are Aquatic centre Vesikko with swimming pool and gym, in-door and out-door athletics tracks, in-door and put-door ice-hockey rinks, football fields, tennis courts, and hiking trails that turn into cross country skiing tracks in the winter. Just outside of Joensuu are world class venues for Kontiolahti biathlon and Koli downhill skiing. Joensuu is located by lake Pyhäselkä, one of the largest lakes in Finland, which offers great facilities for swimming, fishing, sailing, kayaking and of course ice-swimming, ice-fishing, skating and skiing. If sports is more than a hobby and you are a interested in combining studies and goal-oriented training, Joensuu Sports Academy is for you.

Costs of living

Rent for a room in a shared flat (usually 3 persons per flat) is around 150-270 euros per months depending on the size of the room and the place of the residence inside the city. Rent includes heating, water and the electricity but no furnitures.  BSc and Master students are eligible for student discounts at our campus restaurants.