NOVA University Network

The Nordic Forestry, Veterinary and Agricultural University Network (NOVA), is a university cooperation aimed at supporting the understanding of major global challenges in a Nordic context. Its main task is to initiate, administer, promote and financially support cooperation between the Nordic universities on PhD and Master's level education. The NOVA member institutions cooperate based on the belief that together we are stronger. The UEF School of Forest Sciences is a NOVA member institution and all Faculty members of the School and all the students enrolled in the School's Master's or doctoral programmes are NOVA members.

The Nordic countries are similar in many ways in terms of conditions for land use and ideas about how to build capacity to meet future challenges facing the world. As a cooperation platform, NOVA operates on the basis of the core value of nurturing and strengthening the Nordic dimension. We wish to enhance the adoption of good practices within the Nordic countries. We provide a platform for networking between Nordic postgraduate students and senior researchers through facilitating high quality, international level education for postgraduate students.
MSc and PhD Courses for students

NOVA provides high quality, international level education. Courses are planned, run and taught by a group of leading Nordic teachers and researchers. The teaching is based on the latest scientific results using adequate teaching methods. A NOVA course will give you international experience and good networking possibilities with students and teachers in your field. Courses are in general intensive courses and are held in one of the Nordic or Baltic countries. Course participants are Nordic and other international students.

NOVA offers both PhD and Master's courses. Master's students may inquire vacancy for PhD courses from the contact listed on the course's NOVA webpage. As a NOVA student, you do not pay any course fee. All the students enrolled at UEF School of Forest Sciences are NOVA members. NOVA does not cover accommodation and travel costs for NOVA PhD students. NOVA Master's students can apply for coverage of travel and living costs from Nordplus.

For further information on up-coming courses and admissions, please see the NOVA course catalogue.

Organising a NOVA course

Faculty of the NOVA member institutions can apply for NOVA funds to organise intensive MSc and PhD courses. Applying support for Nordic collaborative postgraduate courses or other projects is simple and NOVA aims at doubling the number of PhD courses during the years 2014-2019.

The course organiser can apply NOVA funding to cover course-related expenses. Such expenses are for example, remuneration for guest lectures, accommodation and meals for students, miscellaneous (e.g. venue, material and transportation) and course administration. Teachers from NOVA member institutions cannot be paid a remuneration. Please review the rules carefully as there are restrictions/limitations on expenses. Course applications, together with a budget template, are submitted in NOVA's online application system. The UEF School od Forest Sciences will evaluate your application after it has been submitted in the online application system.

For applications for PhD courses and Master's courses exceeding EUR 5 000, there are three application deadlines per year. Applications are reviewed by the NOVA Board three times a year. For deadlines, see the NOVA web pages. There is no application deadline for Master's courses not exceeding EUR 5 000 and for other projects not exceeding EUR 5 000. The NOVA executive committee will approve these applications continuously.

For further information on NOVA funding schemes and application process, see the NOVA website or contact the local NOVA coordinator, Pauliina Karvinen.