Laboratory facilities

School of Forest Sciences laboratories are equipped with, for example: sample pretreatment and grinding facilities, cold research laboratory, ICP laboratory, boron laboratory, microbiology laboratory, wood technology laboratories, plant growth chambers and rooms, sterile chamber and a number of cool rooms and other storages.

Laboratory facilities in Borealis building:



Additional information / contact person


Greenhouse adjacent room 173 Equipment for nursery / Maini Mononen
Field work equipment 119 Risto Ikonen
Equipment storage 163 Risto Ikonen
Glassware and utensil storage 277 Leena Kuusisto
Sample storage 165 Dry sample storage (shelter)
Pure culture storage 272 Maini Mononen

Cold stores and freezers

Cool rooms 168, 210, 258, 279  
Freezers 168A, 224, 258A, 279A  
Deep freezer  -80 °C 2nd floor corridor, 172 Risto Ikonen

Pretreatment facilities

Pretreatment room 160 including sieves, ovens, ball mill
Grinding rooms 169, 170 peat mill and centrifugation mill
Sample drying room 164 including ovens


Combustion facilities 208 including muffle furnace, autoclave
Forest insect laboratory 252 Harri Lappalainen
Dendrochronology laboratory 266 Pentti Zetterberg
ICP laboratory 264 ICP equipment /Leena Kuusisto
ITRAX laboratory 263B ITRAX /Heli Peltola
Windendro 263A  
Root laboratory 171 Luke
Rough processing laboratory 161 including band saw, rotary planer / Jarmo Pennala
Pressure treatment laboratory 162 Pressure treatment equipment and HTL reactor /Antti Haapala
Cold research laboratory 270 Freezer chambers
Soil chemistry laboratory 209

including pressure disc equipment, surface area analyser, spectrophotometer,
pH- and conductivity meters, oven, rotary evaporator / Leena Kuusisto

Inflammable substance storage,
acid-alkali chambers, chemical storage / Maini Mononen

Forest biotechnology laboratories 255, 256, 257 Ari Pappinen
Microbiology laboratory 253 including laminar and autoclaves / Maini Mononen
Teaching laboratory  201 Teaching aids, plant collections
Material laboratory 176

Paper making /Petri Kärenlampi,  fibre analyser / Jarmo Pennala

Extraction laboratory 265 CN Variomax Cube, Microwave wet combustion  / Leena Kuusisto

Other facilities

Green house 173 Maini Mononen
Plant growth chambers (3 pcs, GR77,
Conviron Controlled Environments)
260 Risto Ikonen, (bookings Maini Mononen)
Plant growth chambers' control panels 263A Risto Ikonen, (bookings Maini Mononen)
Plant growth chambers (6 pcs, PGW,
Conviron Controlled Environments)
293 Risto Ikonen, (bookings Maini Mononen)
Forest protection facilities 262 including four desks with microscopes / Markku Ropo
Sterile chamber 254 Maini Mononen
Cell culture room 259 Maini Mononen
Wood technology 274B Risto Ikonen
Equipment maintenance 261 dish washing, purified water unit / Leena Kuusisto
Climate chambers 172 Risto Ikonen