Laboratory services

School of Forest Sciences provides laboratory services to researchers and for educational purposes. Laboratory is located at the University of Eastern Finland Joensuu campus, Borealis building. Laboratory equipment and personnel are capable of running various chemical, physical and physiological analyses and measurements on soil, plants and wood. In addition to a research laboratory, we also have a student and teaching laboratory to serve our BSc and MSc students.

Quality in all our operations

Laboratory equipment and analyses are continuously being developed as a part of the School’s quality system. Our aim to provide our customers with technically sound and reliable results according to ISO/IEC 17025 standards. All the laboratory staff members are committed to excellence in execution, monitoring and development of the laboratory services. Our staff takes full responsibility of the samples after they arrived in the laboratory. Laboratory is not responsible for taking the samples or quality of the sample taking process.

Quality manual of the laboratory (in Finnish)

Sample taking and equipment

In order to ensure the best possible quality of your samples, you should always follow the given instructions on how to take samples. Good quality samples are the basis for reliable analyses and results and poor samples may jeopardize your research. Our laboratory staff is willing to guide you and answer to your questions. Equipment for plant and soil samples, such as secateurs and augers, as well as tree measuring equipment can be found in storage rooms BOR 119, 120, 121 and 122.

Sample pre-treatments and storing

Pre-treatment and storing of samples have great effect on the final results of the analyses. In order to receive reliable results, you take care in pre-treating and storing your samples. For more detailed information, please see laboratory analyses or ask our laboratory personnel.

School of Forest Sciences has a separate dying room for samples, BOR 164. Sample pre-treatment, such as sieving, can be done in pre-treatment room BOR 160 where you will also find other necessary pre-treatment equipment. Grinding rooms with equipment are BOR 169 and 170.

Paper and plastic bags and other supplies for storing samples can be found in equipment room BOR  277B. Dry samples can be stored in BOR 165, cool rooms can be found in BOR 168, 210, 258 and 279. Freezers are in BOR168A, 224, 258A and 279A. Deep freezer (-80 °C) is located in BOR 296.

Laboratory personnel

Head of the laboratory: Eeva-Stiina Tuittila, professor of soil science

Risto Ikonen, laboratory technician
tel. +358 50 3544337, room Borealis 216

Leena Kuusisto, senior laboratory technician
tel. +358 50 4372801, room Borealis 216

Maini Mononen, laboratory technician
tel. +358 50 3655939, room Borealis 380

Jarmo Pennala, head of laboratory
tel. +358 50 4423335, room Borealis 276