Forest technology and energy technology

Forest-related technology education focuses on forest work, wood procurement, and production processes for renewable materials. The integration of wood and bioenergy harvesting has been a recent focus. These educational tasks are accomplished in association with research activities, through the cooperation of the School of Forest Sciences' researchers, teachers, and students; as well as personnel from external research organisations and businesses. A student of technology does not need to be a top mathematician, but should have interests in physical sciences, as well as in the development of his or her own analytical skills.

Wood procurement's management decision-making, information systems, and the control of integrated wood and energy supply chains are examined through a framework of operations analysis research and logistics. Study of forest work includes the investigation of the methods, tools, operators, and machinery for wood harvesting and silviculture. Education in wood technology and forest products engineering discusses wood structure and properties, as well as other wood-based material properties and the manufacturing technologies for these products. Studying the engineering of forest products is approached from a traditional natural science perspective, providing the groundwork for understanding and development of these technologies.

Graduates of energy technology, forest products engineering, and forest technology are explicitly well prepared to serve industry, since their studies help them development strong logistical, technical, and economic knowledge and competence. The careers of graduates have frequently had research, design, and international development cooperation components, as well as international marketing and communications tasks. Recent, and regular, employment for previous graduates has included managing wood procurement and harvesting.


Jukka Malinen, senior researcher, forest technology
Blas Mola, senior researcher, forest biomass and bioenergy
Teijo Palander, professor, forest technology