Bachelor of Science in Forest Sciences

Earning a Bachelor of Science in forest sciences takes three years (180 ECTS). The degree constitutes of mandatory courses in forest sciences and a minor subject that can be chosen freely in any faculty of our university. After completing the studies you will comprehend the essentials the environment, economy, society and technology come together in forestry and forest sciences. You will also master the basics of research methodology and understand the focal mathematical, statistical and computational applications in forest sciences.

BSc in Forest Sciences is lectured in Finnish language. Our curriculum and course descriptions can be found in student and study portal WebOodi. BSc in Forest Sciences, or Maatalous- ja metsätieteiden kandidaatti (MMK), is a three year programme (180 ECTS credits).

Freedom to choose a minor

All the students must include a minor subject into their curriculum. We encourage you to consider options from outside of our own Faculty of Science and Forestry. Choosing your minor according to your own interests and preferences in for example economics, English language, environmental law or educational sciences, helps you to distinguish yourself in the labour market and and open doors to new careers. Ideally, your minor would complement your major and together they would form an entity. Popular minor subjects among the forestry students are environmental science, economics, law, computational sciences, environmental policy and many languages.