Apply to School of Forest Sciences

We are one of the leading higher educational institutions offering course-based Master's programmes. At Master's and doctoral levels, all the tuition and study material is in English, Finnish is the medium of instruction on Bachelor' level. International students comprise 75% of our annual intake.

Bachelor's Programme

Our Bachelor's programme in Forest Sciences is taught in Finnish language.

BSc in Forest Sciences

Master's programmes

The minimum eligibility criteria to apply for any of our MSc programmes is good knowledge in English language and a BSc degree in forest sciences or related field. The application period varies from November to January and each of the programmes has its own application period and requirements.

MSc in European Forestry

MSc in Wood Materials Science

MSc Forestry  incl. CBU and TransFor-M

Doctoral studies

Our doctoral programme accepts students with a MSc degree or equivalent in forest sciences or related field. Successful applicant must present a study and research plan; have sufficient generic skills such as proficiency in English language; and have at least one supervisor who is a lecturing professor or university researcher at the UEF School of Forest Sciences.

DSc in Forest Sciences.