Food at Work Around the Clock

Starting in 2016, four established Nordic universities and research institutions, National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, Herlev University Hospital, Denmark, University of Eastern Finland, Kristianstad University, Sweden, University of Gävle, Sweden and Luleå Technical University, have set out to improve the food and meal conditions for employees working with irregular working hours, shift work and extended work hours in the Nordic countries and beyond.

This is a start of collaborative research between Nordic countries. It is envisioned that during the first year, funded by the Nordic Council, the network will succeed in its aims to:

  1. Bring together Nordic excellence concerning food and work meals with particular reference to irregular working hours, shift work and extended work hours (“working around the clock”) in a workshop and thus establish a future network.
  2. Build capacity through networking and sharing knowledge on best-practice.
  3. Produce a report on current knowledge on state-of-the-art in Nordic policy, practice and impact in providing food and meals to employees working during irregular hours, round the clock, as well as the readiness and capacity among the worksites and employees to implement a healthy food and meal environment.
  4. Make initial Nordic comparisons on the current research evidence.

University of Eastern Finland hosts the online knowledge-building environment for the network and has invited new collaborators to join in.

As its first step, the network organised a collaborative workshop in National Food Institute, Søborg, Denmark in November, 2016. This was an invitation-only workshop. The report from this workshop can be downloaded from here: Food At Work Round the Clock Workshop Report (2.4 Mb) and through the host university website:

If you would like to be included in this network, please contact Dr. Irja Haapala-Biggs (email: irja.haapala(at)